Coming to an End


As the semester comes to an end you would think students would be running ramped but there are issues still at hand. The Pleasantville Board of Education has decided to withdraw membership from the state board association. As this is the only section in the Westchester County that has decided to do so.  In doing this President Shane McGaffey would save over $9,000 yearly.  Pleasantville Superintendent Mary Fox-Alter explained that standards weren’t being met by the state school board of education.

The main reason for this is due to the treatment that Pleasantville as a town/village has gotten. It is up to the state board to advocate for fair and an equal suffice amount of distributions to help build this town.

Shane McGaffey is an advocate for voicing and holding the state to exercising fairness Although Pleasantville is a small town it mustn’t be for gotten and must receive the same accommodations other surrounding towns receive. Most of the issues in the school district and board is to find that balance between academic excellence and tax tangibles. These are things that prompted McGaffey to run for Presidency in the Board of Education in Pleasantville.

The Board of Education is responsible for policy making consisting members who were elected by district voters. Meetings are held twice a month on Tuesday evenings 7:30 P.M.  Residents are able to attend once when issued and can comment to the board.


Environmental Policy Students Present Bill to Legislators

Students of Pace University’s Environmental Policy Clinic presented a bill titled “Elephant Protection Act”, which aims to ban the use of elephants in entertainment acts in New York, to state legislators in the Environmental Studies Classroom in Pace on Monday.

The legislators present were Republican Senator Terrence Murphy and Democratic Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, whom the students met with earlier in the month and tasked the students to write a bill as well as form a petition.

The students formed a bill and created a petition, which received over 1,100 signatures.

Environmental Policy Student Nicole Virgona presented the contents of the bill and reasons the clinic wants it passed, which included banning all elephants from entertainment acts in New York State because of the effects it has on their health.

“Elephants in captivity live half as long as elephants in the wild. They suffer from a number of foot diseases and social isolation,” Virgona said. “Research has shown that circuses don’t have any educational or positive economic impact on society.”

The bill is currently pending in New York Senate’s committee, if it makes it out of committee it will be placed on the floor. If it passes both the Senate and the Assembly, it will move to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s desk who will decide whether or not to sign it into law.

The language of the bill is subject to change, according to Paulin one aspect that is likely to change is the fine of $10,000 per day for those that violate the law.

“Felonies are maybe $5,000, misdemeanors are around $1,000, and violations are more like a $500 fee, so it’s just a very large fee comparatively. When [legislators] look at the penal code they usually look on a comparative basis,” Paulin said.

Murphy believes the bill has the bipartisan support needed to be passed.

“We have a majority Republican in the Senate and a majority Democrat in the Assembly. If Assemblywomen Paulin can get it passed [in the Assembly] and I can get it passed [in the senate] we’re in good hands,” Murphy said.

The Senate and Assembly are currently on break; Paulin expects that a bill both houses can agree on will be complete by the time they return to session in around a week and a half.

Mayor of Pleasantville, Peter Scherer, was also in attendance and lent his support to the cause because of his love of elephants. He foresees the bill facing opposition from legislators who don’t see the issue as important, and in the form of lobbying from circuses who fear this bill will hurt their business.

“I’ve not been much of an activist [for elephants] but I’m pleased to have the chance to do so, it’s been on my radar scene for quite a long time. I’ve read quite a few books about elephants, and it’s not only amazing that it’s taken the world this long to figure out how to fix this, but great to have it happen here at Pace,” Scherer said.

Article by: Joe Tucci

P.S. Joe couldn’t post this himself so he asked me to. Joe wrote this.

What crimes are most popular?

Pleasantville, NY has allowed interested audiences the opportunity to research the area in regard to criminal activity. Although this area is not exactly “small” and can be broken up into various zip codes to specify which crime rate is higher where, Pleasantville has taken popularity into account. Overall, the village of Pleasantville was polled in order to find which type of crime is more appealing for criminals to commit. This is the basic compilation of the information below.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 10.12.03 PM

The crime rates are divided by year from 2002 to 2013. This collection of data also displays how crime has declined over the years (thank you officers and neighboors). These comparisons are made within the village itself and then compared on a larger scale of the US average of crimes as a whole.

For the sake of remaining local, the information below is from the village itself compared to crime rates over the years. This information was gathered from real police records. For the sake of ethical concerns only statistical data will be dissected.

In Pleasantville

2002                                                2013

Murder      0                                        0

Rape           0                                        N/A

Robbery     0                                        0

Assault       7                                        0

Burglaries  8                                        1

Theft          34                                      21

Auto Theft  4                                       0

Arson        N/A                                     0

As you can see front the data above, crime has drop drastically over the years. Assault alone went from 7 cases to 0 and theft from 34 to 21. Regarding the statistics of crime it seems that the winner of crime popularity is theft.

All in all, this seems to be a minor thing when compared to its competitors in the categories above.

It seems that the approach law enforcement has taken is working.

What is their approach? It would be inaccurate to tell what method, if any, worked more than others or if its even their methods (compared to hiring their staff).

Overall although theories can be shared (in the comments below please) but what can accurately be stated is Pleasantville is seeing improvement. They have taken the wellness of their community seriously and hopefully this continues as time goes on.


Protect and Serve

As we now Pleasantville, New York is relatively a pleasantly a smaller town/village. It is a college town as Pace University students roam the streets of Pleasantville. The police, sheriffs or whatever you want to call it in this town, it is up to them to protect and serve yet students in particular with everything that has been going on between police and public attention the stereotype is that, they aren’t here to protect and serve but to intimidate. The chances of being a victim in Pleasantville, NY are a 1 in 650. At this moment on Thursday April 28th, 4 students coming back from Pace were worrisome of being pulled over as a cop trailed the, for over 5 blocks according to a source. Although they weren’t pulled over the principle of the matter is that in that moment these students did not feel protected. These students were coming from the Walgreen store that is located in town. We can concur that these students could have been a public disturbance or anything of the sort, but if that was the case they would’ve been pulled over sense that is a law to not disturb the peace heir go loitering. These students were left to the assumption that there were being trailed due to their racial identification. Although there are two sides to a story there isn’t anything to report on because they weren’t pulled over but visualizing what they were going through can be very intimidating. And on that note what is the job of the police in doing asinine things such as trailing someone for minding their own business when there are other issues that are bigger than this going on every second. Take a second and think about this if you were in these students shoes.



Pace University official arrested

Disclaimer: Some of the quotes below are of a descriptive nature regarding the engagement of live streaming child pornography.

Pace University employee Scott Lane, whom spent time working on the NYC and Pleasantville campuses, was arrested on allegations regarding live streaming child pornography.


Facts in the case

  1. Pace University fundraising official Scott Lane was arrested on Tuesday 
  2. He is accused of watching and directing live-streamed child pornography 
  3. Lane, 32, allegedly watched horrific video while using ‘NYC Perv’ username
  4. He allegedly typed in commands to the abuser, such as ‘f*** him’  
  5. Comments were traced to his computer and he has been charged


In the efforts to manage the outbreak of news in the form of public relations, Pace University released an email to its students:

The University learned today from press reports that Scott Lane, a staff member in donor relations and fundraising, had been arrested on charges of child pornography. Mr. Lane has been terminated, permanently barred from University property and facilities, and is no longer employed by the University. The actions that have been alleged did not take place on campus.

Pace University continues to have an unwavering commitment to maintaining a safe environment for all students, faculty, and staff”.


Scott Lane was caught by Canadian child abuse investigators who were tracking people streaming child pornography; tracked him through his IP address. Police searched his Manhattan home in Midtown on Tuesday (April 12th) and found his laptop under his bed. He has a roommate but his roommate tells authorities that it’s his (Lanes) personal laptop.


It is being investigated exactly what his “participation” in the streaming was. Many accounts have gathered that Lane left comments of:

“F*** him”

“Show more face”

“Get him naked”

Although he has not acknowledged this, he does admit to streaming the live child pornography. He also denies taking an active part in the streaming in the form of posting comments.

The investigation is still underway as far as information about court proceedings.


Board Presents Teacher of the Year

The Pleasantville board of education met on the 19th to award the teacher of the year.

3rd grade Bedford Road teacher Ann Brown was chosen as teacher of the year. Brown is known as a caring, kind and compassionate educator.

The board provided Brown with a plaque and proclaimed April 19 to be “Ann Brown Day”. She also got another day dedicated to her by mayor Scherer.

At the end of the meeting a letter by one of  Brown’s students was read out loud by the Bedford Road superintendent stating, “she finds something good in everyone and helps bring out the best in every one of her students. She makes everyone feel special…She doesn’t just care about her students, she cares about everyone else too.”.

Congratulations to Ann Brown on her achievements.

Richard Love

Richard Love is chief  of police for Pleasantville, NY. Love has a unique relationship with the students of Pace allowing the margin of error to be within reason. His main objective as a chief of police is to enforce laws and the public safety. Of course the common misconception are cops ruin the phone but to a point it is there job to put certain limitations on what we do. With that being said Love has voiced that law enforcement must be cognizant of our students and to allow them to have fun without breaking rules of course.

Richard Love’s salary is 135,813 which was approved by the board of trustees.  Now outside of Pace related things the department is looking into being able to work cohesively with Mount Kisco. Love added that it is the departments best interest to serve the community with the mentality of doing things better than it ever been done before.




Honoring John Nonna

John Nonnna began his involvement with the Pleasantville Government as acting village justice from 1982-1989. He then proceeded to earn a spot as village trustee from 1990-1995. In 1995 he served as mayor of Pleasantville and kept his spot until 2005.

Throughout Nonna’s involvement with Pleasantville he has gained a reputation as a person with an independent voice. John has worked to:

  • fight for fiscal restraint
    • calling for control of expenses and transparency in the county budget and expenditure of taxpayers funds
  • shaped local laws and made sure laws were properly written
  • also a critic of enacting county laws which were not effective or appropriate subjects for county government
  • protect Westchester’s environment and ensure the preservation of water quality


On April 16, Nonna was presented a video John Nonna: A New Hope honoring him for his past present and future public service. Pleasantville TV honored him with a tribute and their “Making a Difference Award”.

Click here to watch the video


Peter Scherer


Peter Scherer is the Mayor of Pleasantville, New York but there is more to him than the eye can see. Mayor Scherer has been involved with political and civic engagement experience since 2002. The Mayor’s job is to be the head of the city or community that is able to take the responsibilities of being able to not only speak on behalf of the government but also for citizens the city, “the people.” Not only that, but also with the board he must have the expertise in judging based on qualifications.

It is very easy to point most of the problems at the mayor as the one to blame. The Mayor has to be a “renaissance man” and also have a hand in everything that is going on Pleasantville. Mayor Scherer owns a successful business being able to maintain grosses and revenues, H Plus Inc. Scherer has also served as a village trustee for the last seven years including the planning commission, architectural review board, and other task groups/committees. The mayor feels that he can change the culture building on the tradition within the village as the roots are deep. Due to the small population in the community it is ideal for everybody to work as one and be “proactive” and not “reactive.” Keeping the community engaged with all things Pleasantville.




Pleasantville is a village in New York. It has approx. seven thousand people living in the area. The government here is the village board of trustees which includes a mayor.

The mayor, Peter Scherer, works alongside with four trustees in order to adopt local laws, annual budgets, and manage the business of the Village. There are board meetings in order to organize and mandate what needs to be done. The occurrence of the meetings varies from weekly to bi-weekly.

These meetings are an open forum to the public. This allows the community to stay knitted. Update and events on board meetings can be found online by subscribing to the towns website or contacting the Village clerk at 769-1975.

This location also has a Village code that citizens must abide by. These range from general provisions to a code of ethics which is also public.  The Village also breaks itself up into separate categories such as an architectural review board, planning commission, library board and even a zoning board of appeals. This way everything of importance that need attention, gets it.



Although it is a small populated area, it seems to have its bases covered regarding how its government is run. This means that the people in Pleasantville are committed to living as one and making a better place for the many instead of just the one.